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Already winners in the free agency game, Heat set their sights on LeBron

Today seemed like a dream for Heat fans.  Considering my day began with getting woken up by my phone doing cartwheels on my nightstand, it certainly seemed like a dream.  It went from rumors and reports of Bosh and Wade signing with Miami to the ESPN interview which had me literally jumping up and down with excitement in my living room. 

From there the day was a blur of basketball as the NBA world was still not satisfied.  As long as LeBron is still out there waiting to be signed, the buzz of the basketball-vuvuzela will be residing in our collective ears.  Of course all the talk now is if James is going to join Wade and Bosh down here in South Florida or if he'll stay in Cleveland. The Bulls agreeing to a 5-year, $80 million deal with Carlos Boozer took them out of the running to sign LeBron. 

The rumors kept floating in throughout the day.  First it was that the big three were going to meet up for dinner in Miami sometime last night.  That went away soon after D-Wade tweeted out that he had root canal surgery after his ESPN interview.  Later it was that James had put a bid on a $40 million home in Coral Gables, and that one has yet to be quashed.

Finally, there was talk that Bron Bron was flying to Miami on Micky Arison's dime to meet with Pat Riley last night.  That was also just a rumor, because James was playing softball in Akron and as far as I know, is still in Ohio.  Needless to say, the rumor mill was spinning in Miami's direction.

So King James aside, how pretty are the Heat sitting right now?  They have Wade.  They have Bosh.  They still have more cap room then half the teams in the NBA (close enough).  Thanks to LeBron still being on the market, so are many other viable option free agents for the Heat to utilize should James choose to play up north. 

Miami also has a little more wiggle room then originally anticipated.  The projected salary cap for next season was $56.1 million but everyone was pretty shocked to see that it came out last night as $58 million.  That essentially gives everyone an extra $2 million to work with, which really helps the Heat in their pursuit for LeBron James.  If that doesn't happen then that's just more money to spend on a less expensive free agent or two. 

It also seems that Toronto and Miami are back to discussing a sign and trade and that talks heated up significantly after Bosh's decision to play in Miami.  It's unknown if Michael Beasley is in those talks or if it's more of a Chalmers and draft picks kind of deal.  If sometime today the teams can pull of a move that ships Beasley north of the border, expect the LeBron to Miami idea to absolutely explode. 

The bottom line is that not only did the Heat put themselves in a position to do the most damage, but they came through when it counted by signing Wade and Bosh and somehow they are still right there in the LeBron James sweepstakes.  And hey, should King James go elsewhere that's just more money for the Heat to spend on the all important role players, as well as getting a very good (non max) guy.  If that isn't hitting a home run, I don't know what is. 

Ok I'm just adding this to the end because it literally just came up.  It's about 2am and ESPN's Chris Broussard sent out this message, which was all over Twitter and the ‘Breaking News' section of ESPN's bottom line:

@Chris_Broussard Sources with knowledge of the situation indeed saying LeBron will join Wade and Bosh in Miami, barring a late change of heart

Shortly after he went live on ESPN saying that those ‘many sources' said that in LeBron's mind, his plan is to sign with Miami.  People close to James are against him leaving Cleveland, and there is still plenty of time to have his mind changed.  Either way, it's coming down to Miami or Cleveland.  

Pat Riley has been saying it from the beginning...his plan is to build a dynasty in Miami.  Regardless of what happens today, he is well on his way to that goal.