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LeBron Watch: Miami Edition

As we get closer to the 9pm LeBron-o-thon on ESPN, the tension building throughout South Florida is palpable.  I can't believe that its gotten this crazy, though as the hype keeps building and building, nothing seems ridiculous anymore.  This is going to be the official LeBron thread, and I'll try to update the rumors and things of that nature as they come in.

Could it be that he is having this TV special to explain why he is leaving Cleveland?  To justify his actions?  I hadn't thought about it like that until recently, and its an interesting angle to view it from. 

Here is where we stand right now; LeBron has booked 6 villas at the W Hotel in South Beach for this weekend.  Chris Bosh, who arrived in Miami early this afternoon, has also been said to be booking there.

Sam Amico, who writes for out of Cleveland, tweeted out earlier that "LeBron made decision in call w/Bosh, Wade. All of this was previously planned: Bosh & Wade would announce 1st, then LBJ in show." 

ESPN's Shelly Smith said that LeBron told Wade and Bosh "I'll see you on Friday" during one of her reports from outside Quicken Loans Arena earlier today. 

3:40pm- Ira Winderman writes:  ‘An NBA team executive told the Sun Sentinel Thursday afternoon, "All of our contacts from CAA say he is coming to you guys."'

4:55- Found this link on ESPN.  The Heat are in trade talks for a 4-way deal with Toronto, Houston and Charlotte.  ‘The proposed deal, sources said, would send Beasley and Rockets forward Jared Jeffries to Charlotte, land Bobcats center Tyson Chandler in Houston and create sufficient cap space for Heat president Pat Riley to offer max-contract money to Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and James.'

Also, Rachel Nichols just reported that LeBron will inform the teams he is NOT signing with before he goes on the air at 9pm.

5:20- Jalen Rose tweets that Jay-Z has purchased 2 courtside Miami Heat season tickets. 

6:39- Security tightened round LeBron's home in Ohio. 

This isn't a LeBron's a Dave update.  I'll be on around 8:40 giving them the Heat side of things as we brace for LeBron's decision. 

8:05- The Miami Herald's Greg Cote tweets out hat the Heat cancelled a full-page welcome ad in tomorrow's paper

8:25- Sun Sentinel's Ethan Skolnick confirms he Heat pulled their ad in the S-S as well.

8:28- Ira Winderman lets us straight...maybe.  Tweets "Heat pulled James, Bosh, Wade print ads not because of any knowledge of James decision, but because of unsigned status of Bosh and Wade."