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Miami the front-runner for LeBron: Why the NBA is scared about it

If multiple reports are right, like they were yesterday concerning Chris Bosh, it appears that LeBron James is indeed headed to Miami to form a dynasty trio ("dynasthree"?) with Bosh and Dwyane Wade. A permanent Dream Team. A true powerhouse in the East capable of steamrolling any team, yes possibly even the Lakers. Multiple rings, sold out arenas, blowouts galore. Riley bringing a newer, even more powerful sequel to the Showtime Lakers I grew up watching. But already questions are being raised. Dire concerns have been discussed. LeBron's brand would be ruined, the Heat would have to get a bunch of veteran minimums, Wade and LeBron need the ball in their hands to be effective, who’s going to get the last shot in games, blah blah blah. Don't be fooled, the only people who are questioning this are the ones that don’t want this to happen because they don’t live in Miami, are not employed by the Heat, aren’t Heat fans and/or are simply jealous. Why would Stan Van Gundy think this would be a good idea? It makes his once-mighty Magic seem puny by any standard. Rashard Lewis and Vince Carter have never done anything to lead their teams in the playoffs before, this power move by the Heat would make them hide behind the scorer’s table with their tails hidden behind their legs before tipoff. Make no mistake; the Heat’s offseason has already been a resounding success with the return of Dwyane Wade and the signing of Chris Bosh. But remember that the two stressed yesterday when they announced their decision that it wasn’t about money. Heck, Bosh didn’t even seem to sweat the contract details much, a clear middle finger to those who insisted Bosh was drive by greed and solely interested in getting his full max contract from Toronto before being traded away (though the scenario is still possible until the pen hits the new contract). So then why exactly did they choose Miami if they were okay with earning less? Wouldn’t Wade have joined his hometown Bulls then? For that matter Bosh could have done the same and go to his hometown Rockets. Do they know something we won’t know until 9:00 PM? So now it’s decision time for LeBron: Cavs, Heat, Knicks or Bulls. The Bulls were thought as the frontrunners for no actual reason right out of the gate once the Cavs were bounced out of the playoffs (despite Lebron's silence except for an interview with Larry King where he was understandably vague). After all, Chicago supposedly has an amazing core of fantastic players ready to win championships, right? Sorry to break the news to Michael Wilbon and every other Chicago-based reporter and journalist because the Bulls actually don’t. Correction: they used to have a nice core before. Not too long ago the Bulls had some nice players like Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Tyson Chandler, John Salmons, Andres Nocioni, Kurt Hinrich and Brad Miller. They’re all gone now. Only Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Taj Gibson and someone called James Johnson were on the roster until yesterday when they scrambled upon hearing they were striking out on Wade and Bosh and signed a solid player in Carlos Boozer. The common knock against the Heat is that they would have to sign a bunch of veteran minimum contracts to fill out the roster should they land all these max contracts. Great, what exactly are the Bulls going to do with their last 8 or 9 roster spots if the same thing happened? Sure sounds just like what the Heat would have to do. No one thinks about that. All they do is just repeat over and over again that the Bulls have a solid core of players without actually looking at who’s left. And if they could make Deng and his gargantuan contract disappear off the face of the Earth they would have done it already. Just remember that the Bulls have only won one playoff series and has had just two winning seasons since Jordan left 12 years ago and Rose hasn’t changed that yet no matter how great the media think he is. Sure, he could develop into a championship-caliber point guard like Tony Parker or Rajon Rondo. Or he could turn into the next Steve Francis, Damon Stoudamire or Stephon Marbury. New York? I suppose he could go there if only because the Big Apple would seem a big enough place to fit his ego in. The problem is that coach Mike D’Antoni doesn’t exactly preach defense, which is just fine for Danilo Gallinari and Amar’e Stoudemire who don’t seem interested in that side of the court anyway but that approach obviously won’t work in the playoffs. Most want him back in Cleveland, knowing full well he doesn’t have much hope to win a ring there with the emergence of Miami, the return of the Big 4 plus Doc Rivers in Boston and the defending champions in L.A. who look even better with the smart addition of Steve Blake. After all, he would be a traitor if he left. As if it’s his fault the Cavs won the lottery in 2003 and now he simply must remain out of obligation to stick it out there. So he needs to stay in Cleveland out of guilt? Should all of us just stay home, live with our parents and hang out with them every day because that’s how they’d prefer it? Or did you choose to leave the nest, make our own life with your own dreams and desires? The other teams could only pitch to LeBron last week during their presentations about how they think they could win rings with him onboard. Pat Riley was the only one that could tell LeBron how he won them seven times as a player, coach and team architect (and you can be certain the reports of him showing off his rings to James were correct). Which carries more weight? There's no need to speak for LeBron James anymore. He’ll do that himself soon enough on ESPN. Let's hope it’s his decision and his decision alone whatever it may be. The Miami Heat will be just fine either way. But if winning championships is really what LeBron is about then there is only one logical choice. If loading up on rings is going to hurt his brand, well that’s a risk he’s going to have to do enjoy taking in sunny Miami with Pat Riley and his two good buddies in their prime.