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My thoughts on the current state of the Chicago Bulls

Just wanted to clarify and expand my earlier comments about the Chicago Bulls. I've followed the Bulls and idolized Jordan since I was a little kid so it's not because I'm a hater. It has nothing to do with Miami whether the Bulls have a solid core or not so we don't have to compare the two. A solid core or a nucleus consists of several good players, like the Thunder, Clippers, Rockets, Lakers and Celtics have. The Bulls don't. They had 2.5 nice players before signing Boozer yesterday: Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. The only other players are one year players Taj Gibson and James Johnson. That's it. Doesn't matter how good you think those players are, it's not a core. That's not enough and there are too many roster spots open. It's lazy journalism, once one says it everyone repeats it. Every single article I read about free agency made the same point and it's not true. As for the future, I'm not Ms Cleo or Nostradamus. The Bulls could very well arm themselves with a solid core when all is said and done and become a good team. All I can do is look at the last few years of the Bulls and see that most of their players are gone and even when they were together they continuously underwhelmed and disappointed every year in the face of high expectations. That's why they're constantly in the lottery and that's why they just fired Del Negro and go through coaches like Kleenex. That's a fact. (At least the Heat overachieved the last couple of years when every expert left them for dead) When the day comes that they actually accomplish anything like win a playoff series then we can talk about how good Rose, Noah and now Boozer really can be together. If most NBA so-called experts can say they're a championship-quality core than I also get to judge them on a higher standard. A record of 82-82 the last two years with first round exits in both years with Rose, Deng and Noah together isn't convincing me yet, no matter how many times I read these articles claiming this. Now on top of that most of those players like Kirk Hinrich are gone so who's going to replace their production? Will Rose and Noah play 48 minutes every game? What about if they get into foul trouble or get injured (like Noah was last season)? If everyone is calling Michael Beasley a bust already in two years in time then I also also have the right to reserve my judgement on how great Rose will be after only playing two years and whether that translates into true success for the Bulls. All I heard before Rose was drafted was how special he was and how he was a once-in-a-lifetime player. Now I'm hearing the same thing two years later about John Wall so apparently these kinds of players aren't THAT rare. Is Rose another Rondo or is he Starbury? It's been many years since the Baby Bulls era with little so far to show for it. No more excuses for the Bulls. Let's see what happens.