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LeBron James is the newest member of the Miami Heat. The two-time reigning MVP of the league in the prime of his career. The Miami Heat and Pat Riley has completed the unthinkable and has landed the top 3 free agents that were available this summer. The Dream Team is complete, the dynasty is in place. Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh. LeBron James. In one team. Together for several years at the top of their powers. In the past two days the Heat has suddenly been transformed into a powerhouse of the NBA and easily at the top of the league alongside the Los Angeles Lakers. Others will criticize the Heat and attempt to pick holes at some perceived weakness. None of them would turn down these three together going to their team. Just by default the other teams in the East have become weaker because of the concentration of power. Cleveland is toast, the Bulls won’t be able to compete against a team they lost against 3 out of 4 times when it just had Wade, Boston is older and won’t be able to keep up. Riley is bringing back Showtime to Miami with LeBron taking the role of Magic at the helm. Opposing team’s coaches will go mad attempting to map out a defense that can contain the perimeter offense of LeBron and Wade along with the length of Bosh. Pick-and-rolls, fastbreaks, alley-oop dunks, what plays in the new Heat playbook look good now? Don’t worry about who will take the final shot at the end of the games. The bench players will be playing by then because blowouts are going to be occurring quite frequently for many seasons to come. Don’t worry about the bench. The veterans will come now for a quick fix. The rookies will develop quickly with such talent around them. Micky Arison, the Heat owner, will have no problem going over the luxury tax next year and for years to come because of all the income from sellout crowds, jersey and merchandise sales. The Dream Team is here in Miami. The Justice League has convened in South Florida. The time is now. The rings will come soon.