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As the dust settles....Miami welcomes it's newest stars

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Has it soaked in yet?  The reality of what Pat Riley and the Miami Heat are pulling off is just amazing.  There is a collection of talent that will call the AAA home that could very well end up being considered as unparalleled in this league.  I have to make this quick...after a long night/early morning of Heat broadcasting, tonight I'll be at the AAA to welcome LeBron and Chris to Miami with 20,000 screaming fans.  To register and get your free tickets to the party, click here.  So here's the latest...

The Heat are very close to finalizing a deal that would bring Mike Miller to Miami.   The deal is reportedly worth $30 million over 5-years. 

They are also working on sign and trade deals with both Toronto and Cleveland for James and Bosh.  The one with Toronto would involve a package of Heat draft picks and a $15 million trade exemption for the Raptors.  Now if they can also pull of a deal with Cleveland, it would be the ultimate success for the Heat.

First, it would allow them to sign LeBron for the full 6-year max.  It would also give them a lot more money to throw around to fill their roster with those all important role players.   Oh, and there is also the advantage of having all three...Wade, Bosh and James, signed for a full 6 years. 

Also, LeBron took his physical for the Heat today, meaning that all three of them are able to sign contracts.  When that will be is yet to be determined because the Heat are still trying to work the S&T's and see what they will have to work with regarding free agent role guys. 

There is also more attention being paid to Udonis Haslem now that the Heat have succeeded in bringing in the studs.  The veterans minimum U-D could sign for next season is $1.1 million, but if he agrees to...the Heat can sign him to a multi-year deal that allocates most of the money to after this season. The risk is that should Udonis have a career-ending injury next season, he would get nothing. 

Another name that is getting thrown around is Matt Barnes.  He opted out of the final year of his contract with Orlando, missing out on $1.6 million.  He has been in contact with the Heat, and will be someone they look into.  Especially if Miami is able to free up some more cash.