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Miami Heat 2010-2011 season schedule released (UPDATE)

The Miami Heat's 2010-2011 NBA regular season schedule has just been released. The Heat's official press release gives some good insight into the schedule. Scroll down for the entire list of games, visiting teams are in BOLD. Updated with PDF of schedule. 2010-11 Miami Heat Schedule-ALL TIMES EASTERN (WITH NATIONAL TV) MIAMI,FL – The Miami HEAT announced its 2010-11 regular season schedule today. The 82-game schedule consists of 41 home dates, all at AmericanAirlines Arena, and 41 road contests, and runs from October 26, 2010 through April 13, 2011. The HEAT will make 29 national television appearances, with Miami appearing 10 times on TNT, 10 times on ESPN, five times on ABC and four times on NBA TV. Sun Sports will air 70 HEAT game broadcasts locally, all in high definition. Miami kicks off its 23rd season when it travels to Boston to face the Celtics at7:30PM on Tuesday, October 26. This marks the seventh time in franchise history that the team will open the season on the road, and the first time it will face the Celtics on opening night. The HEAT continues its road slate on October 27 when they travel to Philadelphia to play the 76ers at 7PM. Miami plays its first home contest on Friday, October 29 at 8PM against the Orlando Magic. The schedule features several exciting match-ups, including a visit by Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and the 2010 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers on March 10 at 8PM. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and the Boston Celtics visit Miami on November 11 (8PM) and April 10 (3:30PM), while Amar’e Stoudamire and the New York Knicks visit Miami on December 28 (7:30PM) and February 27 (8PM). The first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, John Wall, and the Washington Wizards will visit Miami on November 29 (7:30PM) and February 25 (7:30PM). Miami will travel to Los Angeles to play the Lakers in a Christmas Day matchup at 2PM (local time), marking the seventh time overall that Miami has played on Christmas Day, and the sixth time in the last seven years. The HEAT will also host the Golden State Warriors in a New Year’s Day contest at 7:30PM. The HEAT’s longest homestand will be two six-game stretches from November 6-19 and March 6-16. Miami’s longest road trip is a five-game excursion from January 7-15. Additionally, the HEAT will play 19 back-to-backs; one more than last season. Miami will have 10 home games each in the months of November and March. The month in which Miami plays the highest number of games is December when the HEAT hits the hardwood 16 times. The month the HEAT is on the road the most is December, with 10 games away from AmericanAirlines Arena. Because the Miami HEAT has sold out of its existing season ticket inventory for the 2010-11 season, the best way for HEAT fans to secure an opportunity to purchase an All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan is to sign up for the HEAT Hopefuls Waiting List by providing a $100 non-refundable per seat deposit with a four-seat maximum. Members of the HEAT Hopefuls Waiting List will have the first opportunity to purchase the limited partial plan inventory when it goes on sale next week before any such opportunities are made available to the general public. To become a part of the HEAT Hopefuls, fans can email or log onto The 2010-11 All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan is scheduled to be unveiled the week of August 16. 2010-11 MIAMI HEAT SCHEDULE (All Times Eastern) OCTOBER 26​Tues.​@ Boston​7:30 PM​TNT 27​Wed.​@ Philadelphia​7:00 PM 29​Fri.​ORLANDO​8:00 PM​ESPN 31​Sun.​@ New Jersey​1:00 PM​ NOVEMBER 2​Tues.​MINNESOTA​7:30 PM​ 5​Fri.​@ New Orleans​8:00 PM​ 6​Sat.​NEW JERSEY​7:30 PM​ 9​Tues.​UTAH​7:30 PM​ 11​Thurs.​BOSTON​8:00 PM​TNT 13​Sat.​TORONTO​7:30 PM​ 17​Wed.​PHOENIX​7:00 PM​ESPN 19​Fri.​CHARLOTTE​7:30 PM​ 20​Sat.​@ Memphis​8:00 PM​ 22​Mon.​INDIANA​7:30 PM​ 24​Wed.​@ Orlando​7:30 PM​ESPN​ 26​Fri.​PHILADELPHIA​7:30 PM​ 27​Sat.​@ Dallas​8:30 PM​ 29​Mon.​WASHINGTON​7:30 PM​ DECEMBER 1​Wed.​DETROIT​7:30 PM​ 2​Thurs.​@ Cleveland​8:00 PM​TNT 4​Sat.​ATLANTA​7:30 PM​ 6​Mon.​@ Milwaukee​8:00 PM​ 8​Wed.​@ Utah​9:00 PM​ 10​Fri.​@ Golden State​10:30 PM​ESPN 11​Sat.​@ Sacramento​10:00 PM​ 13​Mon.​NEW ORLEANS​7:30 PM​ 15​Wed.​CLEVELAND​7:30 PM​ 17​Fri.​@ New York​7:00 PM​ESPN 18​Sat.​@ Washington​7:00 PM​NBA TV​ 20​Mon.​DALLAS​7:30 PM​NBA TV 23​Thurs. ​@ Phoenix​10:30 PM​TNT 25​Sat.​@ L.A. Lakers​5:00 PM​ABC 28​Tues.​NEW YORK​7:30 PM​ 29​Wed.​@ Houston​8:30 PM​ JANUARY 1​Sat.​GOLDEN STATE​7:30 PM​ 3​Mon.​@ Charlotte​7:00 PM​ 4​Tues.​MILWAUKEE​7:30 PM​ 7​Fri.​@ Milwaukee​8:30 PM​ 9​Sun.​@ Portland​9:00 PM​ 12​Wed.​@ L.A. Clippers​10:30 PM​ 13​Thurs.​@ Denver​10:30 PM​TNT​ 15​Sat.​@ Chicago​8:00 PM​NBA TV​ 18​Tues.​ATLANTA​7:30 PM​ 22​Sat.​TORONTO​7:30 PM​ 27​Thurs.​@ New York​8:00 PM​TNT 28​Fri.​DETROIT​7:30 PM​ 30​Sun.​@ Oklahoma City​1:00 PM​ABC 31​Mon.​CLEVELAND​7:30 PM​ FEBRUARY 3​Thurs.​@ Orlando​8:00 PM​TNT 4​Fri.​@ Charlotte​7:00 PM​ 6​Sun.​L.A. CLIPPERS​12:00 PM​ 8​Tues.​INDIANA​7:30 PM​ 11​Fri.​@ Detroit​7:30 PM​ 13​Sun.​@ Boston​1:00 PM​ABC​ 15​Tues.​@ Indiana​7:00 PM​ 16​Wed.​@ Toronto​7:00 PM​ 22​Tues.​SACRAMENTO​7:30 PM​​ 24​Thurs.​@ Chicago​8:00 PM​TNT 25​Fri.​WASHINGTON​7:30 PM​ 27​Sun.​NEW YORK​8:00 PM​ESPN MARCH 3​Thurs.​ORLANDO​8:00 PM​TNT 4​Fri.​@ San Antonio​9:30 PM​ESPN 6​Sun.​CHICAGO​1:00 PM​ABC​ 8​Tues.​PORTLAND​7:30 PM​ 10​Thurs.​L.A. LAKERS​8:00 PM​TNT​ 12​Sat.​MEMPHIS​3:30 PM​ 14​Mon.​SAN ANTONIO​8:00 PM​ESPN 16​Wed.​OKLAHOMA CITY​8:00 PM​ESPN 18​Fri.​@ Atlanta​7:30 PM​ 19​Sat.​DENVER​7:30 PM​NBA TV​ 23​Wed.​@ Detroit​7:30 PM​​ 25​Fri.​PHILADELPHIA​7:30 PM​ 27​Sun.​HOUSTON​6:00 PM​ 29​Tues.​@ Cleveland​7:00 PM​ 30​Wed.​@ Washington​7:00 PM​ APRIL 1​Fri.​@ Minnesota​8:00 PM​ 3​Sun.​@ New Jersey​6:00 PM​ 6​Wed.​MILWAUKEE​7:00 PM​ESPN​ 8​Fri.​CHARLOTTE​7:30 PM​ 10​Sun.​BOSTON​3:30 PM​ABC​ 11​Mon.​@ Atlanta​7:00 PM​ 13​Wed.​@ Toronto​8:00 PM​