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Can the team start playing now? Udonis Haslem arrested for marijuana possession

It's a very late-breaking development, and a link will follow once a story appears, but WSVN-Fox 7 in Miami has confirmed with the Florida Highway Patrol that Udonis Haslem was arrested at 3 p.m. today on the Gratigny Parkway in Miami (updated with link to story). There's no development besides that currently available, but one could assume this is not a Nate Newton situation and likely won't cause long-term legal issues for the newly-resigned power forward. Considering Haslem has always been a model citizen during his time with the Heat, it's an unfortunate blemish on a previously-sparkling record, but won't provide the s***-storm that would have come if this happened to a power forward who played for this team last season. Apparently, the issue wasn't with Michael Beasley, it was with his position.