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Update on Udonis Haslem

Things are looking better for Udonis Haslem.  The passenger in his car that was also arrested told police that the nylon bag with over 20 grams of marijuana belonged to him, not Haslem.  We wont know anything for sure until the State Attorney's Office reviews the paperwork from the arrest and that should about a week. 

This is very good news for Udonis and the Heat.  Obviously he was still in a situation that he should not have been.  It's going to be one hell of a learning experience for the 30-year old Haslem.  We'll see how things pan out over the next few days.   Here is part of a statement from Haslem's lawyer:

"We are confident Udonis Haslem will be vindicated.  We have a situation where the passenger admits the marijuana was his and Mr. Haslem tells police nothing was in the vehicle.  I think the police report speaks for itself.  I am hopeful that Udonis will not be charged."