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LeBron James begins training with the Miami Heat

South Florida's newest resident LeBron James has been busy throughout Miami seemingly attempting to single-handedly revive the local economy as he's been seen dining in South Beach at Big Pink, visiting Dadeland Mall to purchase iPhone accessories and enjoying Jungle Island with his family. But don't be fooled thinking he's been vacationing as many people might be doing this time of the year in South Florida because he began on-site job training with his new place of employment while reports came out yesterday LeBron was hitting the courts at the University of Miami on Thursday and Friday with some new co-workers and friends. The official Heat website was nice enough to post a quick video showing a few clips from his practice with the Heat. Erik Spoelstra and assistant coaches such as Keith Askins are seen guiding LeBron through a series of light drills that primarily involved jump shots. Fellow teammates Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem can be seen in the background working with other coaches as well. Spoelstra then works LeBron through one sequence where he is told to keep his upper body "on the same plane" instead of dipping down low while making a cut to the basket and pulling up for a midrange jumper. Despite repeated shoves by Spoelstra on the hips and shoulder, LeBron follows the advice and hits jumper after jumper. The drill repeats on the other side of the basket and Spoelstra guards him as LeBron swings to the side before draining jumpers. This new motion clearly rattles LeBron's instincts as he repeatedly hesitates to pull the trigger on more than one time as if his brain is telling his body this isn't the normal way of doing this, though he nails the shots anyway. The video ends with a single shot of James and Haslem running a fast break against Spoelstra and an assistant as the Heat's new small forward dunks it while his new coach looks on while smiling broadly. Interestingly, Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg (Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations) can be seen in the background by the workout machines at the 1:25 mark monitoring the practice.