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Kobe Bryant interview yields nothing Heat fans should be upset with

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Something that we should all be expecting and even accepting as a certainty is that there is going to be a ton of Heat-bashing as we get closer to training camp.  This is something that is going to be coming from all angles, regardless of the source.  As basketball becomes relevant again there are going to be more and more stories finding things wrong with the Heat, their roster and the way they went about making that roster. 

Friday afternoon on ESPN's ‘Jim Rome is Burning', a pair of Los Angeles Lakers got the chance to take over the show.  Derek Fisher sat down and interviewed his teammate Kobe Bryant on a bevy of topics, and I bet you can guess what came up pretty quickly. 

Kobe was asked about LeBrons process of leaving Cleveland and ‘taking his talent to South Beach', and if that would be something he could ever do.  He started by saying how he and James are friends and that he didn't want to ‘take any part of that', regarding the way LeBron left Cleveland.

Bryant did a good job of dodging the ‘would you have done what LeBron did' question, which in itself is totally bogus because its asking Kobe to put himself in a situation he has never been in, and to go back in time a couple of years to when he was a free agent.

I'll be honest, when I first heard about this interview I expected there to be a bit more ‘juiciness' to what Bryant had to say.  He said all the right things about LeBron and the Heat.  At the end, he did make the claim that he would never play for another team, that there was a "99.9999% sure" that he'd finish his career playing for the Lakers. 

Simply because of the events that transpired this past summer (regarding the Heat), people will take that statement and turn it around as a dig on LeBron.  I didn't get that.  I think that after watching Kobe Bryant for years and years in countless interviews and things like that, if he wanted to say something about LeBron James and the Miami Heat then he would have done made it clear, even if he was trying to be vague. 

This was not him being vague; it was him just speaking about himself.  That's it.  But hey...that's just my opinion.  There are plenty of people out there who are going to want to make it into a bigger deal and turn it into Lakers vs. Heat while its still August. 

If you'd like to see the interview before making up your mind on the subject, click here.