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Daily Poll: What percentage will Mike Miller shoot from 3-point range?

Outside of the obvious, I think that Mike Miller was an amazingly important addition to the Heat's roster. Even before Chris Bosh and LeBron James made Miami their new home, the Heat have been in desperate need for an outside shooting specialist to play along side Dwyane Wade.

Now that Wade has James and Bosh on his team, collectively they will be drawing a ton of attention from opposing defenses. What does that mean? It means A LOT of open shots for whoever is on the court with the big trio. That's where Miller comes in.

He is ranked 28th all time and 14th among active players in career 3-point percentage (40.1%) and is 34th all-time and 14th among active players in career triples made (1,173). The former 5th overall pick in 2000 was also voted the NBA's Rookie of the Year in 00-01 and was the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year in 05-06.

Looking at his more recent numbers, the last two years have been about as crazy as you can get. In 08-09 he played for a Minnesota team that won just 24 games and for one reason or another, his numbers struggled along with his team.

His scoring was down 6.5 points/game to 9.9, taking over 4 fewer shots then in the previous season. From 3-point range he went from 43.2% down to 37.8%, but while his scoring struggled he still found a way to help out; his assists went up from 3.4 a game to 4.5.

After an offseason trade to Washington, Miller's numbers would improve despite him playing in only 54 games due to shoulder and calf injuries. It was the first time in 6-years that he played in less then 70 games.

His points and field goal percentage improved a little, scoring 10.9 points on 50.1% shooting. His 3-point percentage improved significantly, from 37.8 to 48.0, as did his free throw shooting, up from 73.2% to 82.4%. Miller's three point numbers were really impressive because of how few he missed. He made 85-of-225 from downtown in 08-09 but in 09-10 he made 82 on just 171 shots.

The amount of shots he takes could go up a little, but if it doesn't then I wont be shocked. 8-10 shots/game sounds about right considering who will be playing around him. It's hard to think his shooting percentages can get better, but if there was ever a time where that could happen then this is it.