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The latest player trying to downplay the Heat: Dwight Howard

Another short post, as I'm still on vacation and not at the office (aka my house), but since I now have internet access, this one I just couldn't pass up.  Well that...and I just miss writing and hearing what you all have to say.  That's right, I miss you guys.  I love all the comments and conversations that spring up and I cant wait to see how much more we get as the season gets closer and closer.  Ok, enough of the sappy blogger to the point of my post. 

I got an e-mail from a new buddy over at (Hi Jimmy!) with some inside info on the latest Heat basher, and this time it's coming from inside our division.  While he isn't the highest paid player (some dude in Atlanta has that honor), up until recently he was right up there with D-Wade in the running for best player in the South East.

Of course I'm talking about Dwight HowardHe sent FanHouse an e-mail with some pretty strong words directed at what the Heat have done and the team they've put together.  First trying to downplay the talent in Miami, then saying that the team was created with the intention of beating a single team...? 

"The Miami Heat is another team like any other, and they all need to win games. They put together an amazing team, and they'll win a lot of games, but nobody in the league is a sure winner.''

"You don't build teams to beat a single team (like Miami).  You build teams to win championships.''

I assume the team he is speaking about is the Lakers, but I'm pretty sure the whole point of the "big three", as he calls them in the e-mail, was to win an NBA Championship.  And last time I checked, in order to do that they have to beat three teams inside their own conference before getting an opportunity to play the Lakers, and that's going on the assumption that the Lakers can get out of their own conference. 

As for Orlando, they are certainly the team to beat in our division...but I'm curious to see how competitive any team is going to be against the prospect of what our Heat can do.  The ceiling is ridiculously high on the boys from Miami, as it should be. 

I keep saying that nothing will be proven until there are some actual games played, but that doesn't mean I doubt the inevitable ass-kicking's that will ensue when teams tip-off against the Heat.  While nothing is a certainty, I'd say it's as certain as the Heat leading the NBA in fan attendance (both home and away) in the upcoming season.