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Heat add Da'Sean Butler to the mix

The Heat announced yesterday that they have added yet another player to the payroll.  The team now sits at 18 guys under contract with the addition of 2nd round pick Da'Sean Butler.  Terms of the deal were not released.  Butler isn't likely to make the team this season but has a very bright future after his very successful collegiate career with West Virginia.

In four seasons Butler averaged 14.4 points on 44% shooting (35% from downtown), 5.5 boards, 1.9 assists and 1.0 steals.  He fell in the draft to the 42nd pick after suffering a torn ACL during the NCAA Final Four last march.  He has been rehabbing at the AAA all summer and holds out hope that he'll be able to participate in training camp, but I wouldn't count on that.

Usually it takes athletes close to a year to fully recover from a torn ACL but Butler is pushing to get back in 6 months...which I just can't see happening.  When he does come back though, then he can spend a lot of time either working with the team or playing elsewhere for the remainder of the 10-11 season (D-League, overseas, etc.).  In doing that, I like his chances of making the 11-12 Heat team. 

I think after getting his legs back and then refining his skills against top-notch competition, working out with the Heat all off-season leading into training camp, at that point is when I see him standing out and earning a spot.   A lot will depend on his rehab and how much work he puts in, but from what I saw of him in college I really think his game will translate well to the NBA. 

Now speaking in the realm of all things unlikely, should Butler somehow be able to participate in training camp then he'll be competing with the other guaranteed contract, non-guaranteed roster spot guys like Pat Beverly, Shavlik Randolph and Kenny Hasbrouck.  The Heat can carry up to 20 guys on their roster during training camp and the preseason, but they have to cut it down to 15 by October 25th (the day before the season begins).

Of those 15 spots, 14 of them are already spoken for.  Wade, Bosh, LeBron, Udonis, Mike Miller, Joel Anthony, Big Z, Juwan Howard, Eddie House, James Jones, Carlos Arroyo, Magloire, Dexter Pittman and Mario Chalmers should all have their roster spots locked up.  If I had to guess, it will be Pittman, Jones and whoever gets the 15th spot as the non-dressed guys but that is something that could alternate depending on who we play and the potential matchups. 

It's a comforting thought that the Heat's roster will be stockpiled with very good players for the next several years.  That's what happens when everybody knows that your team has a chance of making it to the NBA Finals every year.  We saw it this summer when guys were coming right out and saying that they would love to play for the Heat if the team would take them. 

Signing Butler shows that despite him not being able to play yet, the Heat think he's worth having under contract for when he returns to the court.  I have to agree, and now am curious and even anxious to see what he can do once he is cleared to play.  Still though, I don't see that happening for a few months yet....but would love to be proven wrong.

For those of you on Twitter, you can follow Butler: @TheDaSeanButler