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Evaluating the Heat's usage of the D-League

I was asked by Matt Hubert of the D-League Digest, our trusted source on the TrueHoop Network for all things "Developmental", to grade the Miami Heat's usage of the D-League over the years. Matt gave his own take on the Heat as did Matt Moore (of Hardwood Paroxysm and AOL Fanhouse) and the scores for all the NBA teams have been rolling out steadily.. Today the Southeast Division was evaluated and here are the results...
Miami Heat: 2.33 GPA High Grade: B (MM) Low Grade: C- (MH) Players Assigned: 3 (0 in last two years) Players Called Up: 8 (2 in last two years) THN’s Take (by Surya Fernandez, Hot Hot Hoops): I’m giving the Heat a C+. Pat Riley isn’t the type to experiment with young, raw players if he can sign a veteran instead. But that doesn’t mean the Heat aren’t keeping an eye on the D-League either. Kenny Hasbrouck has been in the mix since late last season when he was signed away from the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, and the Heat made history by selecting Latavious Williams in the second round of the NBA Draft this summer (though he was later traded). The Heat almost never send their own players down to the D-League with perhaps Dorell Wright being the most significant player. That was five years ago while the last time this was done was when Daequan Cook and Joel Anthony were sent to the Iowa Energy for a few games back in the 07-08 season. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dexter Pittman and Da’Sean Butler (assuming he sticks with the team) were sent to the D-League this season to get some minutes because it’s doubtful they see any significant time on the floor this year with the Heat. If anything, Earl Barron has a championship ring for being on the ’06 Heat team and playing the part of Dirk Nowitzki in practice. Matt Moore’s Explanation: They’ve signed a bunch of guys, so they get a good grade. But don’t you get the impression they see the D-League only as a cheap knockoff factory? Should make sense, though. Pat Riley, exploiting every end to the fullest potential while sticking to his vision. Final Assessment: I was pushing for the Heat to sign a D-League player or two to complement Miami’s big offseason acquisitions of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. They chose to go a different route, which was disappointing. Despite that "setback," the Heat made a couple of moves last year that suggest they are at least open to the D-League. With a talented, young nucleus in place for the next several years, it’d be very wise business to use the D-League to find some inexpensive pieces to fill in the holes around the stars year in and year out. Until they make that kind of commitment, I can’t give them more than a C-.