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Miami's Big 3 fuel big overtime win in Portland

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There isn't a whole lot I can say after that one...and I was only able to watch the last 15 minutes or so.  I spent the night traveling and walked in my house with the Heat down by 8 and around 8 minutes left in 4th.  The plays that D-Wade and mostly LeBron James made down the stretch were insane.   I can't think of any good enough adjectives to describe what I saw him do tonight.

Once again, and we have seen this a lot, it was the Heat bearing down defensively that allowed them to get the offense going and close the gap.  It's truly amazing how this team refuses to lose games.  As fans, we're really spoiled; like tonight, they can be down late in a game but come right back in the blink of an eye.  Down by 7 with 1:46 left?  No about a 9-2 run over the next 1:15 to send the game to overtime. 

When the game went into the extra session you could tell that it was Miami's game to win.  Portland had no answer for them on defense, but what team could?  Wade and LeBron were getting to the rim (sort of) and putting in shots that were just unbelievable.  If that wasn't enough, LeBron hit every single jumper he put up after coming in the game with 7:18 left, and that includes a trio of of which came from about 28 feet away with 16 seconds left in OT. 


  • Overtime shooting: Portland 2-for-7.  Miami 5-for-7.
  • The Big 3 combined for 96 of the Heat's 107 points.  They put up 65 shots while the rest of the team put up just 14. 
  • That may have attributed to Miami shooting 57% from the field.
  • LeBron James at 12 points at halftime, scored a season-high 14 in the 4th quarter and added another 8 in OT.  He finished with 44 to go along with 13 rebounds, 6 assists and a pair of steals. 
  • Not far behind was D-Wade, putting up 34 points, 8 boards, 5 assists and a block. 
  • LaMarcus Aldridge had a monster game (31 and 14), and scored 5 of the Blazers 7 points in OT. 
  • Portland had more rebounds, assists and steals then the Heat while Miami had more turnovers and missed free throws.  Another example of how good teams find ways to win games...though it certainly helps to have LeBron James.

The Heat now head straight to Los Angeles where they'll enjoy a couple days off before facing the Clippers on Wednesday. 

Enjoy this recap of the Big 3's big night, courtesy of SNOOP97DAWG: