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NY Knick Timofey Mozgov's thoughts on LeBron James

It’s easy to forget NBA players are rabid fans of the game just like us. When stripped to its most elemental core, their passionate love for the sport is just like ours, if not more. Enter Timofey Mozgov, famous for the Blake Griffin poster in the dunk that wasn’t a dunk, who apparently blogs about his everyday life with the NY Knicks. His latest post titled "DNP" has been neatly translated by the fine folks at Rush’N Hoops. Here’s what he had to say about his team's match against the Miami Heat:
I missed the games vs. Celtics and Cavs. But in the game vs. Miami coach allowed me to smell the powder and face LeBron. "The King" is a real king! A superstar, one hundred percent! Physically he is very strong, fast and a great leaper. But what’s most important: he is outrageously calm. He doesn’t flare up, doesn’t hurry and manages to do everything in time. He’s playing very confident and sober-minded. I think this ability to keep his cool compliments his talent perfectly. Or, even, it’s an integral part of his talent. It was him, basically, who buried us. Everybody thought it would be hard for him to play the first part in this Big Trio. At least because he’s a newcomer and there are other heroes on the team. But "His Majesty" has surprised everybody once again: he showed that his abilities, which we all thought we already knew well, are not yet uncovered completely. And Wade and Bosh don’t stay in the way. It’s fantastic! A top-class player!
He goes on to talk about the Heat being a great team with individual talent but liking the match against the Celtics more, calling their team game "astonishing" and "a nice game to watch". It’s always refreshing to see blogs from NBA players, reminding us they are human and not too different from us mortals. Slight difference is they are the protagonists and are blessed to make a living with their talents while we sip our coffee every morning to get the week’s report in before the 5 o’clock deadline. Either way, we’re all equally in awe of the specimen that has landed in South Beach. A fella by the name of LeBron Raymone James.

Special thanks to @rafael_uehara for sharing the link. Follow him for all things Euro and NBA.