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Who Assists Who Heat Edition: The James-Wade Dyad

Here at Hot Hot Hoops, we are blessed to collaborate with the swell brothers doing refreshing basketball work at Hoopism. In the spirit of their Who Assists Who series, they've been kind enough to enter this season's numbers so far in their colorful and interactive array of dimes and their destinations. We'll split the series by players and tandems to make the visual presentation easier to consume. First up are Miami's assist leaders, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, in this crustacean creature:

As part of the Heat's unconventional design, small forward (by NBA position nomenclature) James leads the team with 7.2 APG, currently12th place in the league. Superstar teammate Wade follows with 4.2 APG, sitting at 35th. At first sight one can easily see the heavy distribution to Bosh and each other - expected for the three featured scorers. James distributes the ball somewhat evenly across the board while Wade seems to lean heavier towards certain teammates.

LeBron James


  • Chris Bosh is James' heaviest recipient, above Wade.
  • Stemming for their Cavalier days, James connects with comrade Ilgauskas vastly more than any other player outside of the Big Two. The rest of the big man entourage is rarely at the end of a LeBron dime.
  • Although Haslem has been out for some time, he's maintained a significant percentage. Goes to show the importance of Udonis' role with the team.
  • Surprisingly, Arroyo and Jones are tied for James' affection although visual memories trigger more kick-outs to Jones for most fans.

Dwyane Wade


  • Wade gravitates toward James more than he does Bosh, possibly out of instinctive fashion in their friendship.
  • Conversely, Wade does not feature the pick-and-pops James often runs with Ilgauskas and rarely feeds him the rock as a result.
  • Long-time teammates Arroyo and Jones tie and stand above the rest of the team for Wade's attention. Likely a sign of the chemistry level built over time in knowing where he can find them.
You can tweak around with the interactive graph here and see what your brain can conjure. Note Mike Miller has been omitted since his numbers are negligent as of today due to his absence but will be featured in an update later this season. Next up, Arroyo and Chalmers at the point..... Follow @Hoopisms for doses of fresh basketball and checkout all their work at