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Heat raise ticket prices, 11-12 season ticket renewal process underway

The Miami Heat announced renewal details for season ticket holders for the 2011-12 season.

The press release included several tidbits of interesting information:

First, ticket prices for next season will be raised slightly.

A minor ticket price increase has been implemented across all pricing categories. The increase varies by seat location. Season Ticket Holders will be notified of their price increase when they receive their invoice.

The Heat also publicly acknowledged that there may be a lockout this summer.

As the most anticipated season in Miami HEAT history inches closer to the post season, the renewal campaign is designed to reward Season Ticket Holder loyalty by providing significant discounts on 2011 Playoff tickets and interest payments in the event of a work stoppage this summer. The renewal deadline is March 10, 2011.

"HEAT Season Ticket Holders indicated that discounts on Playoff Tickets and interest payments on any future unplayed games were the two most important renewal drivers this year and so we crafted our renewal campaign accordingly," said Eric Woolworth, HEAT President of Business Operations. "We are hoping for the best in terms of the collective bargaining agreement, but regardless of the outcome, we are prepared."

One of the options for season ticket holders is the "Heat Loyalty Renewal" option which will lock in the lowest price for playoff tickets at the end of this season but also has this interesting option should there be a work stoppage in the NBA.

By selecting the HEAT Loyalty Renewal Option, Season Ticket Holders also agree to allow the team to keep their Season Ticket money in their HEAT accounts in the event of a work stoppage. These Season Ticket Holders will be rewarded with a 5% loyalty payment on the value of their seats for any preseason or regular season games missed.

The loyalty payment will be paid to Season Ticket Holders on a monthly basis in arrears for any preseason or regular season games missed during the 2011-12 season.

Each season ticket holder will have their own personalized URL on the Heat website where they can study their renewal options, compare savings and "enjoy video elements" on a customized site just for them.