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Who Assists Who Heat Edition: The Arroyo-Chalmers Roulette

Continuing the Who Assists Who series, we now take a look at the distribution from the Heat's rotation at the point: veteran pace-keeper Carlos Arroyo and the mercurial Mario Chalmers in the diamond of dimes: Arroyo had started every game for the Heat this season (apart from a quick trip down to Puerto Rico for a funeral in mid-December in which he missed a game vs the Cavs) until Wade and Bosh sat out with injuries against the Raptors, forcing Spoelstra to consider Chalmers as a starter to complement the Jones-Miller shooting tandem. Chalmers is playing 21.1 MPG this season while Arroyo is slightly above him at 22.2.0 MPG; both are averaging an identical 2.2 APG this season. A look at where their dishes are headed:

Carlos Arroyo


  • Carlos' biggest recipients are just as you'd expect: big man Bosh, followed by James and Wade not far behind.
  • Fellow common-starter Iglauskas falls fourth on his list of recipients with a huge drop-off after, due to limited minutes with any other player not in the starting lineup.
  • Once again like shown with James and Wade, Udonis Haslem maintains a relatively high percentage of receipts considering the time he's missed with injury. The same amount as James Jones, more than trigger-happy Eddie House.
  • Arroyo is clearly not changing the trend of avoiding Joel Anthony at all costs.

Mario Chalmers


  • Mario's biggest recipients are Bosh and Wade with James Jones a surprising result as third on the list.
  • LeBron is a distant fourth with less than half of the assists Bosh or Wade receive. Research for a combination of total minutes shared on the court with each of the big Three returned Wade as the highest on-the-court mate with 444 minutes shared, James following with 408 minutes shared and Bosh last with 364 minutes shared. Chalmers' distribution is not due to less time on the court with LeBron, he's just not his usual go-to guy, his passes to him are not often resulting in baskets and/or Bosh is thoroughly involved in most plays on offense setting him higher on the recipient list with less minutes.
  • He passes to Joel Anthony! So he's the one. Mario seems to have shared the ball with most players at one point in time except for Magloire who has barely dressed and....Ilgauskas? (Reason: Chalmers has only shared a total of 93.2 total minutes on the floor with Big Z, which is an average of 2.1 MPG. Not a lot of time to share.)
Remember, you can tweak around with the interactive graph here and see what your brain can conjure. Note Mike Miller has been omitted since his numbers are negligent as of the last data update but will be featured in an update later this season. Next up, Chris Bosh growls his dishes away…..

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