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Through the Net: January 26, 2011

  • Chris Bosh continues to be out with what is now being called a high ankle sprain, the same injury that Mario Chalmers has been bothered by since last summer, but there is no swelling so it looks like he'll be out for another week which could mean losing about four more games.
  • Are the Heat's Big 3 individual statistics taking a big hit now that they're playing together? The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson takes a closer look.
  • Also from Jackson, gawkers are now parking outside of LeBron's new house over in Coconut Grove to get a better view of the property.
  • Sad news to report: LeBron's fiance Savannah Brimson's cousin 27-year-old Uriah Ware was brutally murdered at a house party in Cincinnati.
  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss of has an interesting perspective for long-suffering Cleveland Cavs fans, who have lost 18 straight: should they be grateful for how bad their team is now that LeBron has left them?
My favorite team–the Golden State Warriors–suffer the stumpy vacillation that is mid-lotto mediocrity. It’s really a hell masquerading as a purgatory. Your team floats from a conference 10th seed, to a 12th, a 13th, and back to an 11th seed. No progress is made, no scintillating rookie talent validates your evenings out. So, coming from a Warriors fan: How dare you Clevelanders whine about seven awesome years of basketball. And, coming from a Warriors fan: How dare you Clevelanders whine when you’ll get to bottom out and start over. Hate LeBron? You should be thanking him–not just for the years of great play, but for the nothing he left behind. Cleveland, you could be the next Oklahoma. Unless Dan Gilbert screws it up…which he probably will. In which case, why are you mad at LeBron again?
  • The Miami Heat are being sued by the court-appointed receiver of Allen Stanford, who is accused of leading a $7 billion dollar Ponzi scheme. The court want them to return $1.3 million they say the team received from Stanford International Bank. "The payments to the Miami Heat parties are related to Stanford’s sponsorship, advertising and promotional activities," Ralph Janvey, the court-appointed receiver, said in a complaint filed in Dallas federal court.
  • Eric Freeman over at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie blog can't resist making fun of Bosh and his admittedly-silly Maxim "behind the scenes" video from last summer. But take away the model in question and ask yourself if you've ever seen a behind the scenes video of a photo shoot and not think how inane the entire process is, no matter if it's a hot girl or a Heat player.
  • Ethan Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post has a great story about what Jamaal Magloire did last summer for a family in Toronto, Canada that has gone through a recent tragedy. And here's what you can do to help.
  • Video of Dwyane Wade from yesterday's practice...