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Who Assists Who: Christopher Wesson Bosh

Time for the last choice of passing relevancy, Chris Bosh. After the James-Wade DDD (drive, drop and dime) duo and the Chalmers-Arroyo rotation at the point comes Bosh averaging a pedestrian 1.9 assists per game. Chris isn't known as a passing big man by any means (career 2.1 APG) although his physical tools and involvement in the offense would suggest a higher distribution rate. For comparison, Pau Gasol and Boris Diaw are almost averaging 4 APG. Josh Smith is averaging 3.4 APG. Bosh's gleaming rays of sunshine:

Quick Observation:

  • Most would quickly assume James and Wade at the helm of his attention but we now see Carlos Arroyo netting a slightly higher share than Wade. It's not a fluke in the system or mate favoritism, just results from the defensive schemes used on the Heat and the contrasting styles of the receiving players. Arroyo mostly nets buckets as a spot-up shooter when the opposing teams pick their poison whereas Wade seldom takes such shots and opts (correctly) for a drive into the paint.
Remember, you can tweak around with the interactive graph here and see what kaleidoscope your brain can conjure. Note that Mike Miller has been omitted since his numbers are negligent as of the last data update but will be featured in an update later this season.

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