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Tickets to LeBron James all-star exhibition sell out quick, going for big money online

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As expected, tickets went extremely fast for the all-star exhibition game hosted by Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh being held on the campus of Florida International University this Saturday night.  Tickets went on sale Monday at noon and were sold out in less then two hours. 

People had been camping out since the night before outside the University Credit Union Box Office at FIU Stadium, several of which I'm sure were there with the sole intention of buying tickets at face value just to turn around and re-sell them for a substantial profit.  Some outlets were already posting tickets for sale before FIU began selling them.

Face value was $100 for lower level seats and $50 for upper level.  On the popular ticket re-sale site StubHub, they are popping up for as much as $1,700 apiece, with the cheapest ones going for $300.

It's still unknown if there will be a video feed available to fans who aren't attending the game.  Some previous webcasts of similar exhibition games have been available free of charge, so we'll see if that goes for this one as well.