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Heat owner Micky Arison fined $500k for lockout tweets

Miami Heat owner Micky Arison was fined $500,000 by the NBA for making comments on his Twitter account regarding the lockout. Back in June commissioner David Stern warned that any league personnel could not comment on the work stoppage beyond league-approved media sessions.

Since the lockout began on July 1st, the only other owner that has been fined was the Charlotte Bobcats Michael Jordan. He was fined $100,000 for making comments to an Australian publication regarding the lockout. Arison's fine was significantly larger, probably because he was not only discussing the lockout, but doing so with fans, not a news outlet.

Here is a full account of the Twitter exchange, straight from the Sun Sentinel. You can follow Micky Arison on Twitter @MickyArison.

It started with a post directed to his Twitter account that read, "Guess what? Fans provide all the money you're fighting over you greedy (expletive) pigs."

Arison responded, "Honestly u r barking at the wrong owner."

That response later was deleted.

Later, from another Twitter account came this post to Arison's account, "Know it's not ur fault at this point, it's become child's play. Grown men making stupid decisions over money."

Replied Arison, "Exactly."

That had the initial poster chiming in with, "Then can you bark at the other owners? This is RIDICULOUS!!!"

Replied Arison, "Now u r making some sense."

Arison then retweeted a post from another account that read, "Heat ratings proved that fans want to see super teams in big markets instead of a ton of small-market teams each with one st(ar)."

Another account offered, "NBA labor is a joke! You owners don't care about us FANS at all!," to which Arison responded on his account, "Wrong we care a lot."

Later, he retweeted the question, "are you allowed to comment about ur feelings on the small market/big market issues some of the owners bring up?" He replied, "No."

From there, Arison retweeted a post that read, "having 'all 32 teams compete' is complete BS. Such an unrealistic and stupid idea." In response he simply offered a smiley face (since there are only 30 NBA teams).