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LeBron Highlights From Rudy Gay Charity Game, Also Dunks On Euro Kid

The good folks over at were nice enough to pass along a sweet HD video of the highlights courtesy of LeBron James at Rudy Gay's charity game that took place in Southaven, Mississippi. If seeing LeBron wading in a pool with Kevin Durant yesterday left you wanting a little more, then here we see him in full action. We don't want to see him go too hard in these games but if he's staying basketball-ready then who can blame him for wanting to play in as many competitive games as possible?

Also, last week LeBron visited the London School of Basketball (why wasn't I sent there when I was a little kid like Harry Potter?). After bricking a couple of jump shots in front of the kids at the school, one of them decided to step in and guard him out in the perimeter. The kid unfortunately appears to be as tall as Dan Gilbert and doesn't stand a chance against James but you have to admire his braveness. Video courtesy of