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Exclusive: Dwyane Wade Got An Awesome Watch Cake

Divine Delicacies is the go-to place in Miami to order up a one-of-a-kind creation to enliven parties and what Dwyane Wade wants, he gets.

Case in point, a badass watch cake.

Wade Watch Cake 1



The cake is a replica from Wade's new watch collection King Power from Hublot.

Divine Delicacies also received an order for Wade's stepbrother Demetris McDaniel of a 3D basketball cake with gold lettering on top. McDaniel played at H.L. Richards High School like Wade did and is now an assistant basketball coach there.


The party was hosted by Wade at Club Euro at Fort Lauderdale and Hot Hot Hoops unfortunately was not invited to the affair but can only imagine how delicious the cake actually was inside. it's almost a shame to cut it up and eat it. It would be a great conversation piece in Wade's living quarters...

"Oh that? It's just my awesome watch cake."

Divine Delicacies is also on Facebook