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HHH Interviewed On 790 The Ticket

790 AM The TicketOver the course of the last couple of years, Hot Hot Hoops has made appearances on radio and podcasts as far west as Hawaii along with plenty of other cities such as St. Louis and Boston. But for some reason, we have never been invited to South Florida radio.

Until now that is.

Check out this morning's interview on 790 The Ticket with David Alen (@DavidAlen) where we discuss all things Heat related including the scrimmage where Norris Cole impressed everyone, how Udonis Haslem looked out on the floor and if there's any team out in the East that should scare the Heat (I'll let you guess how I answered that one).

If you missed it or if you simply must listen to my voice again, click the link below and get ready to have your minds blown (ok, not really but check it out anyway).

Who knows? We just might be invited back on the local airwaves sometime soon.


Play (direct link)