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Heat Waive Jeremy Wise, Billy White

After the Miami Heat’s preseason blowout of the Orlando Magic, the Heat have waived camp invitees Jeremy Wise and Billy White. Wise played just the last four minutes of last night’s preseason game, making both of his shot attempts – it seemed like none of the Heat’s camp invitees could miss in that game. The Heat signed White just four days ago, and he did not play in last night’s game.

The Heat now have 17 players with the team, needing to trim that down to 15 players by Dec. 25’s opener. This move should give Terrel Harris and Derrick Byars another chance in practice and possibly in the final preseason game Wednesday to prove their worth. If the Heat retain center Eddy Curry, who has a non-guaranteed contract, Miami will only have room for one of those two standouts from last night’s game.