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About Ryan Yousefi

Born in Columbus, Ohio, my parents made the "Decision" to relocate to South Florida, when I was 5yrs old. Around that time (the mid 80s), the Miami Dolphins were the only show in town.Thankfully, soon enough, the Miami Heat came into my life - and it's been a wrap ever since. From the day my Uncle took me to a Bucks vs Heat game, at the "Pink Elephant" in 1988, I've been a die hard Miami Heat fan. Through the good, and the bad, this has been my team. I was attending Florida State University during the last championship run, so I'm hoping to enjoy a parade, in person, some time soon. In short, just another failed High School athlete, enjoying the ride, sharing my thoughts with fellow Heat fans. I'm very excited to be joining the Hot Hot Hoops family, and look forward to continuing it's tradition as the best Miami Heat blog on the web.