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Heat keep a pair of rookies and cut Eddie House to trim roster down to 15

In a bit of a surprise move, the Miami Heat announced on Saturday that in order to cut their roster down to the NBA-regulation 15, they planned to release veteran swingman Eddie House and instead kept free-agent rookies Terrel Harris and Mickell Gladness.

Harris, a guard, may see some playing time and be a part of the regular rotation but its still a question how much (or how little) Gladness, a center, will be used down low.

House is coming off of a minor knee procedure and wouldn't have been cleared to return until sometime in January at the earliest. He signed a 2-year deal with the Heat in 2010, the second year of which will be paid out by Miami to House.

Said Coach Spoelstra on the two rookies:

"They both simply overwhelmed us with their effort and their desire and their want this week. It was a little bit of a surprise and they continued to make us watch. We look at both of these guys as guys we can develop and fit into our program of young guys that we've developed in the past. We liked their potential."