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About Brian Goins

Born and raised in West Kendall, Florida, and living in a zealot household that idolizes sports, I've grown into the Miami sports culture pledging my allegiance to both winners and losers for the better part of my early life -- probably right when I had Jimmy Johnson carry me in his arms as an infant for a picture. I've participated in grandiose festivities after winning local championships by banging my pots and pans like a Neanderthal. I've also lost a cap or two in stampedes. Even lost in a game of two-on-one against Dwyane Wade's dad. But, It wasn't until 2003, when I realized that being a Heat fanatic was better than rooting for the Jay Fiedler experience Dolphins, or the soon-to-be dismantled Marlins, because I found basketball to be the most exciting sport -- sorry football. It was, coincidentally, Wade's rookie season when basketball become my favorite sport. Since then, I've gone through the very good of this franchise, listening to my pilot utter the scores by quarter during Game 6 of the 2006 NBA Finals flying back south from Washington D.C., and through the very bad during the 15-67 season; yet I've sticked by this team's side even when many joined and rejoined post The Decision. Today, I am taking my passion of sports and my later passion of writing, and I now undergo my journey into becoming a sports journalist. Currently, I'm a senior writing for my high school's publication, The Viper Vibe, at Felix Varela Senior High and I also freelance/intern for The Miami Herald. In short, I love Miami Heat basketball, and I'm just as excited as the rest of you are for this unprecedented stretch with the Big 3. I'll be sharing my analytical thoughts throughout this ride and I'll be working on implementing more multimedia content to our blog via podcasts, videos, and hopefully some exclusive interviews. Feel free to follow me @BrianGoinsMIA and chat or ask questions. Looking forward to interacting with our readers. Have you sent your "Thank You" letters to Chip Kelly, yet?