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LeBron James opens up during ESPN interview

LeBron James did a 1-on-1 interview for ESPN, which was first shown on Tuesday night. It was pretty interesting; here are the highlights:

Said he would have made ‘decision' differently. He looks at it from a fans perspective. Says he would change "a lot of it" in regard to how he left Cleveland. Understands why fans hated him, if he was in their shoes he would have felt the same way.

Not happy with play in NBA Finals. Doesn't remember making any game shifting plays in the Finals.

"Not great at all. I'm out there to be a game changer and I didn't make enough game changing plays" "I could have played down the stretch better."

On losing the Finals: "One of the hardest times of my life" After Finals he sat in his room and did nothing talked to nobody for 2 weeks.

Says last year he played ‘angry'. Wants to get back to playing the game for fun, loving the game, joyful. Got away from that.

Says of being a bad guy, villain: "I'm not that guy."

2011-12 Schedule Highlights:

  • One back-to-back-to-back: February 12-14, all on road (@ATL, @MIL, @IND). Comes as part of a 6-game road trip.
  • 2 stretches of 5+ straight games on the road
  • Play Lakers, Mavericks, Thunder twice
  • Play Boston in home opener, then 3 times in April