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A sweet photo gallery of LeBron and Wade's celebratory cakes

You might have heard about these monstrous cakes that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are ordering for their latest parties and birthday celebrations in what seems to be a competition between both of them to see who can top the other. But what you may not know is that both Miami Heat players turn to the same specialty bakery called Divine Delicacies tucked away in a Southwest Miami shopping plaza. The family-owned business has consistently been praised for having the best cakes in South Florida and has been designing them for celebrities for many years. Here's a look back at their latest creations for the star duo.

This was the latest and greatest cake that LeBron ordered for his 26th birthday on December 30th at STK at the Gansevoort Hotel. The six-foot cake officially stood taller than Nate Robinson and seven inches taller than Earl Boykins. It was adorned with 14K gold flakes and more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals at an estimated cost of about $5,000. It had five tiers of cake with different flavors for each layer: red velvet, marble, vanilla rum, Godiva chocolate, and guava.

I was lucky enough to sample each flavor at the shop last week and can confirm that each one was better than the next but my favorite would have to be red velvet.

(It's a thankless job but someone has to do this kind of reporting.)

Not to be outdone, Dwyane Wade's latest cake for his 29th birthday was no slouch either.

Apparently, this is another cake Divine Delicacies for his same birthday.

This cake was made to celebrate Wade's re-signing with the Miami Heat this past summer. Wade and Alonzo Mourning were making a promotional appearance for the Summer Groove event last summer on NBC's "South Florida Today" show and DD also made a cake for their foundation. The cake that Wade is signing is displayed in their storefront.

This is Wade's 28th birthday cake. Swarovski crystals on a cake this big can run the price tag up by a few thousand dollars. Not to worry, their parties are sponsored.

Wade's girlfriend Gabrielle Union celebrated her birthday with a costume party at the Delano in Miami Beach this past October 29th. Wade, of course, is dressed up as Justin Timberlake.

You may not be able to get sponsorships for your next birthday party to fund a cake as big as LeBron's but Divine Delicacies can still make you a pretty sweet Heat-related cake like the one shown above. Or pass by to try out a slice like I did so you can at least imagine what it would be like to bite down and get a crystal stuck between your teeth.

Divine Delicacies is located at 1659 SW 107 Avenue. Miami, FL 33165

Phone: (305)554-4446,