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Complete 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend odds

I'm proud to pass along the complete list of NBA All-Star Weekend odds courtesy of Bodog, Just a few observations... While I'm not surprised that Blake Griffin is the frontrunner for the dunk contest, it looks like the oddsmakers aren't very convinced that James Jones has a chance at the 3-Point Shootout. One thing going for Jones is that he's a spot-up shooter and the fact that Heat players have done well in the past with 3 winners of the 4 players who have represented the team. If you're a diehard Heat fan with some money to burn you could do well if Jones does indeed come through. I can imagine someone made a killing when Daequan Cook won. I'd be careful on putting my money on Kevin Love scoring first in the game because it's not even certain he's starting the game since he was not voted in by the fans and is replacing Yao Ming's spot on the roster but not necessarily his starting spot. Also, I would love to have been in the room when they were figuring out the odds who will score first in the All Star Celebrity game. Anyway, here you go... Player to score first in the 2011 NBA All Star Game Dwight Howard (East) 9/2 Kevin Durant (West) 5/1 LeBron James (East) 11/2 Carmelo Anthony (West) 6/1 Dwyane Wade (East) 6/1 Amare Stoudemire (East) 13/2 Kobe Bryant (West) 13/2 Derrick Rose (East) 7/1 Kevin Love (West) 7/1 Chris Paul (West) 8/1 Odds to win the 2011 NBA All Star Game Most Valuable Player LeBron James (East) 13/2 Kobe Bryant (West) 13/2 Kevin Durant (West) 15/2 Dwyane Wade (East) 17/2 Derrick Rose (East) 17/2 Dwight Howard (East) 17/2 Carmelo Anthony (West) 10/1 Blake Griffin (West) 10/1 Amare Stoudemire (East) 12/1 Kevin Love (West) 15/1 Paul Pierce (East) 15/1 Chris Paul (West) 15/1 Dirk Nowitzki (West) 18/1 Rajon Rondo (East) 20/1 Pau Gasol (West) 20/1 Ray Allen (East) 25/1 Joe Johnson (East) 25/1 Chris Bosh (East) 25/1 Kevin Garnett (East) 25/1 Deron Williams (West) 25/1 Tim Duncan (West) 30/1 Manu Ginobili (West) 35/1 Russell Westbrook (West) 40/1 Al Horford (East) 50/1 Odds To win the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest Blake Griffin (LAC) 1/3 DeMar DeRozan (TOR) 5/2 JaVale McGee (WAS) 13/2 Serge Ibaka (OKC) 15/2 Odds to win the 2011 NBA All Star Foot Locker 3 Point Contest Ray Allen (BOS) 2/1 Paul Pierce (BOS) 3/1 Kevin Durant (OKC) 4/1 Dorell Wright (GSW) 9/2 Daniel Gibson (CLE) 5/1 James Jones (MIA) 11/2 Odds to win the 2011 NBA All Star Rookie Challenge Most Valuable Player Blake Griffin (Rookies) 3/1 Tyreke Evans (Sophomores) 7/1 Stephen Curry (Sophomores) 7/1 DeMar DeRozan (Sophomores) 8/1 Jrue Holiday (Sophomores) 8/1 DeMarcus Cousins (Rookies) 9/1 John Wall (Rookies) 9/1 Serge Ibaka (Sophomores) 12/1 Brandon Jennings (Sophomores) 12/1 DeJuan Blair (Sophomores) 15/1 Taj Gibson (Sophomores) 15/1 Wesley Matthews (Sophomores) 15/1 Derrick Favors (Rookies) 15/1 Wesley Johnson (Rookies) 15/1 Eric Bledsoe (Rookies) 18/1 Greg Monroe (Rookies) 18/1 Landry Fields (Rookies) 18/1 Gary Neal (Rookies) 18/1 Who will score the first in the All Star Celebrity Game? Common (Celebrity) 3/1 Zach Levi (Celebrity) 7/2 Justin Bieber (Celebrity) 4/1 Ty Burrell (Celebrity) 9/2 Rob Kardashian (Celebrity) 5/1 Jason Alexander (Celebrity) 11/2 Bill Simmons (Celebrity) 6/1 Jimmy Kimmel (Celebrity) 10/1 Who will score the first in the All Star Celebrity Game? Magic Johnson (Legend) 2/1 Bill Walton (Legend) 3/1 Jalen Rose (Legend) 7/2 Scottie Pippen (Legend) 4/1 AC Green (Legend) 9/2 B.J. Armstrong (Legend) 5/1 Odds to win the 2011 Haier Shooting Stars Competition Team Texas (Dirk Nowitzki, Roneeka Hodges, Kenny Smith) 3/2 Team Los Angeles (Pau Gasol, Tina Thompson, Rick Fox) 2/1 Team Atlanta (Al Horford, Coco Miller, Steve Smith) 5/2 Team Chicago (Taj Gibson, Cathrine Kraayveld, Steve Kerr) 3/1