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James Jones wins All-Star Saturday 3-Point Shootout

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While the Boston Celtics have gotten the better of the Heat so far this season, a pair of green sharpshooters couldn't get past the native Miamian during All-Star Saturday.  James Jones outdueled Paul Pierce and then Ray Allen in the finals to take home the 3-Point Shootout title last night in Los Angeles.  He became the 4th member of the Heat to win the title, following in the steps of Glen Rice, Jason Kapono and Daequan Cook.

Playing on a team full of superstars wont get you a whole lot of attention, but winning a 3-point shooting contest on national tv is a different story.  Usually Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are called upon when there is something of importance on the line, but this time all they had to do was watch, and they did just that.  This is a nice reward for Jones, who has quietly been working towards the best shooting season of his career.