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BREAKING NEWS: Miami Heat's James Jones wins three-point competition

Miami Heat forward James Jones won the NBA's three-point shooting competition at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday night. He beat Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, both of the Boston Celtics, in the final. Jones, a University of Miami graduate, is shooting 42.3 percent from three-point range for the Heat this season. He's also taken 25 charges, which leads the team. Jones is the fourth member of the Miami Heat to win the three-point competition in the franchise's 23-year history. The other three winners are Glen Rice, Jason Kapono and Daequan Cook. Jon Sundvold competed twice for the Heat, losing both times (the second time was during the 1990 All-Star Weekend hosted at Miami Arena). I dare you to find another Miami Heat connection to the three-point competition. THERE ARE NONE.