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In Pictures: Heat at Bulls - Dead Ball Playbook, Rose the Commander

In today's episode of In Pictures, we look at two exquisite plays from Thursday's loss against the Chicago Bulls. Miami's is a set play off a dead-ball situation and Chicago's is a testament to Rose's vision and command of his offense.

Off-the-ball screen for a James weak side cut

Wade inbounds to Bosh and immediately heads in Chalmers' direction to set a screen on his defender.

Chalmers heads towards Bosh for a hand-off and a curl around Bosh who now sets another screen on Chalmers' defender.

As soon as Chalmers receives the ball, Dampier sets a solid screen on LeBron's defender as James cuts toward the basket. (Note: I believe Scalabrine attempts to warn his teammates of the occurring scheme).

Now that Chalmers finds himself open at the free throw line, Boozer and Asik are forced to collapse on him unaware of LeBron's open path to the basket.

LeBron James Cowabunga!

Rose is double-teamed, adjusts and directs

LeBron has taken upon the task of guarding the Fast Don't Lie. Boozer sets a screen for him provoking Bosh to help and join James for a double team.

Realizing the ambush, Rose dribbles away from the double team and scans the hardwood landscape. He yells out to his armada and points toward the area which he predetermines to be a good shot location since the Heat's defense must scramble back to their corresponding cover. Bosh must recover to Boozer, now being guarded by Dampier who will have to timely return to cover Noah. Meanwhile, Noah is pre-occupied setting a smoke screen on Deng's defender, Wade, causing him to go around him in an attempt to reach Deng.

Deng is now prepped to receive the pass from Rose and immediately drives toward the previously Rose-directed location. Noah sets a screen on Wade once again, this time in the opposite direction to allow Deng an open path.

Deng nails the jumper in the open sea.

It's easy to remain confused as to how the Heat can be so able to execute certain plays during the game but fail to follow through with such excellence in the clutch. When a bucket was needed, the Bulls properly isolated Rose at the top of the key, who drove into the paint attracting Wade to help and leave Deng for an open three that would ultimately win the game. Oppositely, the Heat ran a play off the inbounds for James to take a hurried, contested shot which failed to touch the rim. Miami is now 0-5 versus the Bulls and Celtics. Good times.