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Wade goes for 41 in Heat's 121-113 victory over new-look Wizards

Quick Game Observations:

  • The frenetic duality of the Wade-James combo was in full force Friday against a Wizard's defense not well known for stopping the fast break (5th worst). As we've been accustomed, James led on one side of the wing and Wade on the other taking turns driving to the lane for easy buckets caused by the Heat's disruptive defense.
  • For a few sequences, one could almost see the smoke coming off Wade's fingers. His 41 points came off an 18-27 night full of shots, an impeccable run of 9 straight buckets, dunks and drives most humans save for commercials and imagination. Twenty four hours after falling to the Bulls, his competitive nature avenged on the unsuspecting Wizards. Hinrich-less, there was nothing they could do to stop it.
  • Nick Young once again retaliated with his own 38 points, going 12-19 from the field and an astounding 6-8 from beyond the arc with his own array of mesmerizing shots, fade-aways and suicide drives to the basket. Basketball war at it's best.
  • After his historic low, Bosh bounced back to make 5 of his 12 attempts. Not extraordinary by any means, but felt rejuvenating after the brick-a-ton the night before. Bosh was perfect from the line, going 5-for-5 and snagging 8 rebounds. Nothing to see here folks, things are be back to normal.
  • This time, it was Joel Anthony who would remain on the bench for the entirety of the game and Ilgauskas the weapon of choice to back new starting center Dampier and counter Javale McGee's length. Dampier was again quiet on the stat sheet, going perfect from the field (2-2 FG, 3-4 FT) and throwing his massive frame around the paint. Iglauska's length would also be used in a futile attempt to stop McGee, who ended up with 17 rebounds anyway.
  • John Wall proved just another example of the Heat's difficulties at guarding Fast Point Guard X. Wall 's speed and vision gave the Heat fits in his debut, getting into the paint at will and drawing fouls or passing out to an open man. Who knew a human being could cover the entire court in 4 seconds, cut through 4 defenders stuck on FoxMo and nail a layup to beat the buzzer? Now we know. 12 free throws, 12 assists and 24 points. We'll surely be hearing MVP talks in a few years when the man learns how to shoot.
  • Mike Bibby, now John Wall's backup, went scoreless in his first night as a Wizard (0-4). Mo Evans and Jordan Crawford fared better combining for 9 points on 4-9 shooting.