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Heat linked to both Mike Bibby and Troy Murphy

Mike Bibby shoots over his brother-in-law, Heat swingman Eddie House.
Mike Bibby shoots over his brother-in-law, Heat swingman Eddie House.

Hey guys...sorry for the lack of posting lately. I haven't been feeling so hot, but the show must go on. In the wake of the Heat's home loss to the Knicks on Sunday, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel. Former Hawks point guard Mike Bibby and former Pacers power forward Troy Murphy were both bought out of their respective contracts are could be free to sign with other teams.

Bibby would absolutely be an upgrade offensively at the point, both in making plays and shooting ability. The problem is that he wouldn't do much to improve the defensive side of things, which has some people thinking the Heat should be hesitant and not spend the money, even though it would just be the veterans minimum.

I'm under the belief that it will improve the team, and we can afford it, then why not? Another thing about Bibby is that he is a proven leader, which could be a good thing for the Heat. They certainly have some talented players, but they sometimes appear to take back seats to one another. Maybe having someone out there taking control would help things.

Troy Murphy could step right in and be useful for the Heat, filling the void left by Udonis Haslem's injury. If Udonis comes back, he is still a good 4-6 weeks away from being his usual, productive self. If the Heat wants to spend the money on Murphy then by all means, bring him in. It would also be a good idea to nab Murphy if for no other reason then to keep him off of the Boston Celtics roster.

We'll find out in the next day or two where these guys are going to end up, but reports are that the Heat is front-runners for both. If they do end up signing in Miami, there would have to be a couple of roster cuts to make room. Odds are that Jamaal Magloire and Carlos Arroyo would be the ones to leave, though there is a chance that Juwan Howard could be let go of. Howard shares an agent with Bibby though, which is why it seems he gets a better chance to stay.