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Video: Which exact Heat final possession play misses better?

Speaking of clutch time..... Watching the Heat fall to the Bulls on Thursday was slightly disarming but succumbing to the Knicks a few days later, in eerily similar manner, was appalling. Down by three points against the Knicks with just a couple of seconds remaining in the game, Erik Spoelstra drew the same play in almost identical situations with the results only different in the second attempt respectably hitting the rim:

Versus Chicago Bulls - Thursday February 24th 2011

Versus New York Knicks - Sunday February 27th 2011
We've learned a few things throughout the season and as of late:
  1. Clutch time belongs to LeBron James as the primary option. Wade is somewhat bait, somewhat second option, mostly spectator.
  2. Down by three means going for the three early in the shot clock by the ball recipient. Namely, LeBron.
  3. As previously shown, Miami can execute plays off timeouts during the game flawlessly. Once the game is on the line and Miami needs a bucket, team ball is dropped in favor of the hero shot.
  4. Hey, at least we've moved on from the forced Eddie House and Chris Bosh threes in clutch time.
The loss to the Bulls put the Heat at a paltry 1-7 versus the Elites (Spurs, Celtics, Mavericks, Lakers, Bulls) and the Knicks crumble aggregates to a 14-15 record against winning teams. You can sugar coat the losses however you want to but there is no denying the team continues to struggle in the half-court offense, and most notably in close games against experienced ball clubs. You may be a proponent of teamwork to finish games with a polished, well practiced play or the often recourse of superstar isolation to determine the game. Neither is wrong, but neither is happening for the Heat either. Championship habits....any minute now. Any minute.