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Carlos Arroyo talks about joining Celtics, differences with Heat

CSN's Jessica Camerato sat down with Carlos Arroyo to talk about his new team, what he brings to the table and the differences between his former and current team. Check out the full interview here (En Español). For those who don't es-peak es-panish, here's a quick translation (some things might not make grammatical sense, but it's translated as he said it. I'm sure you can figure it out): On why he wanted to play in Boston: "I think it's a great opportunity that presented itself, a great opportunity to play for a highly respected franchise with such a large following in the sports community and a franchise with a lot of history, with excellent players who know what it takes to win a championship. I want to be part of something as special as this." On what he can contribute to the Celtics: "I hope to do what the coach asks from me, that's priority. I hope to improve my position as a point guard and do the best I can. I understand I can do a little more than what I did in Miami and understand this franchise places great significance on assuring everyone touches the ball, that everyone wants to play. I'm happy to be here and I want to do well on the court" On how he can help Rondo: "I think with my experience, the years I have on my belt. He can help me to be a teammate." On what the differences between Boston and Miami are: "Many. I think it starts with the players. Not every player has incredible team chemistry. [Boston] already has a lot of time together and they know each other very well on the court. I think that's what Miami is missing. Boston always has a very complete team and I hope it happens this year." On what he wants Celtic fans to know about him: "Many things, but to start, I like to win, have a lot of passion for the game and always have a lot of pride and respect for this important opportunity in my life. I'm very happy to be here and to have such opportunity." Carlos Arroyo has always been a professional and performed to the best of his abilities. He is obviously grateful for the chance to still contend for a championship since Miami waived him in order to make room for Bibby. Plus, he keeps his views to a solid, simple truth. The Celtics' chemistry glows thanks to continuity in their roster, only possibly matched by the Lakers and Spurs. The Heat are learning each other, every day, in hopes to match such synergy. Of note are his views on ball movement and sharing the rock, very much discussed here and criticized for lack there of. Best of luck to Carlos in Boston!