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Heat earn rare blowout victory against Grizzlies 118-85

It's been awhile since a Heat opponent didn't bring their "A" game, considering this Miami team has had a bulls-eye on their back all season long. But this is the kind of Heat basketball you envisioned when the Big 3 signed in the offseason. LeBron James was hitting his outside shots consistently, distributing the ball yet not forcing the issue and staying aggressive. Speaking of aggressiveness, Chris Bosh's form has returned from the vacation it took beginning at the All-Star break. This is his game, mixing it up from the elbow and also working his way inside with his superior footwork. There's nothing wrong with his silky midrange jumper but it keeps the defender guessing when he's in attack mode. And Dwyane Wade? Tom Haberstroh, ESPN Heat Index:
Dwyane Wade did it all in Saturday's rout over Memphis. He tallied 28 points, 9 assists, 5 blocks, 5 rebounds and 3 steals on the day. Over 20 years have passed since an NBA player assembled that stat-line or better in a single game (Hakeem Olajuwon, March 3 1990).
If nothing else, this game will be looked back on as the time Wade had 4 blocks in the first quarter alone. For this team to rise up and be special, Wade and LeBron have to take over games with more than just fancy shots. With so much versatility in their game, it's their biggest advantage over any other NBA team because of the fact that they have two players that are capable of doing so, not just one like some teams do (or course, the worse teams have no one). Put that combination together along with a bench highlighted by Mike Bibby's flawless 5-5 three point shooting and 17 points but also with steady contributions from Mike Miller and even Joel Anthony and you have the Heat's largest margin of victory and an unusually tense-free night. With all the minutes they've been racking up this season, the Heat would be wise to keep this level of play up so that their three stars can rest early in the fourth quarter as the schedule starts to lighten up on playoff-worthy opponents. What can be said about the Grizzlies? They put up little fight and never seemed a threat to put together any sort of run to make it a respectable game. Yes, the Heat got some measure of revenge after the heartbreaking loss in the last seconds in Memphis but this game wasn't close for so long it was all rather anticlimactic. Zach Randolph threatened to be a matchup nightmare for the Heat but had a rather tame 13 points and 9 rebounds and was thankfully a non-factor. On to the Spurs, a true challenger that humbled the Heat in San Antonio. If their easy victory against the Grizzlies left them wanting more in the revenge department then this will do it.