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Udonis Haslem back on the practice court with teammates

It was a familiar but welcome sight: Udonis Haslem in sweat-soaked Miami Heat practice gear after a team practice. After weathering heavy criticism for their mini-losing streak by going on a mini-winning streak, the Heat not only have righted the ship but appear to be one step closer to finally having a full, healthy squad for the first time this season. Limited to shooting 50 jumpers at a time, he won't be going full contact anytime soon and refused to give any timetable for his return. "My focus is being out there practicing," said Haslem. "I want to practice with the guys. I'm not really focused on playing any games right now. My focus is getting out there with these guys, getting a couple of practices, getting my conditioning and rhythm and just fitting in with what these guys got going on. I don't want to disrupt the chemistry, I want to fit in. That's all I want to do. It looks we're on the right path." Longtime Heat fans know how dangerous this team could be if Haslem can knock down his reliable midrange shot, which impressed the small crowd of media gathered on the fringe of the Heat practice court at the AmericanAirlines Arena. Thankfully, his shooting touch doesn't appear at this time to have been lost while rehabbing from his serious foot injury suffered several months ago. While his shooting stroke remains smooth, it's still rusty. "The other day I shot 90 (jumpers) so now it's down to 50. I was sore the next day so we decided to cap it at 50 right now. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and I feel fine I'll probably go up to about 60." He explained what his daily regimen is as he nears the late March return timetable he set for himself recently. "I wake up, I go hit the weight room and work out, I do my conditioning with Rey (Jaffet, assistant athletic trainer/director of rehabilitation) and I come up here and shoot, by that time these guys are finished doing whatever they have to do, and I ice and get out of here." I asked Haslem about what he primarily did during his rehab time... "I probably lifted more weights than I ever did in my career. Five days a week just in the weight room." ...and I also wanted to know just how healthy he thought he could be this season. Could he be fully healed in time for the playoffs? "100% is probably a while," he answered. "I probably won't even be 100% for the playoffs but maybe 80-85% is good enough and I can go out there and help with that. But I probably won't be 100% until the summertime, maybe somewhere close to next season."