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In Pictures: Heat falter in crucial play against the Magic

In today's episode of In Pictures, we take a look at a crucial play that would ultimately serve as the dagger to the 24-point comeback by the Magic. With a little less than 3 minutes to go and up 93-89, the Magic's Nelson and Howard would run the same pick-and-roll they often wreak havoc with. Miami had been effective at defending it for most of the game but hiccuped at a crucial time:

Jameer Nelson slowly walks the ball up the court as Wade guards him. They flip the switch and Howard quickly motions a high screen on Wade. All theatrics for the real, upcoming screen from the opposite side.

Howard positions himself for a screen, Nelson fakes an attempt to use the screen and both Wade and Dampier bite. They lean towards the screen for just a second, enough for Nelson to fake in and rocket out towards the open area in the paint. Dampier, although robust enough to keep Howard out of the paint, is not quick enough to recover for help.

With Dampier out of the equation and Wade attempting to stay with Nelson, Bosh is forced to leave Brandon Bass and prioritize a rotation on the attack.

As soon as Bosh sets himself to contend the drive, Nelson kicks out to a wide open Bass who will ultimately make a quick pass out to Quentin Richardson now anxiously waiting beyond the arc. LeBron has been forced to rotate to Bass in Bosh's absence.

Once the Heat realizes Richardson has been left wide open, there is a rotation hiccup. Either Bosh should be rotating out to Richardson or James should return to his cover and allow Bosh to return to Bass. For a few seconds, neither is realized as James stands still and Bosh hesitates, allowing plenty of time and space for Richardson to nail the 3-point shot. Note by that point that Miller has begun a run at Q-Rich as well and left Jason Richardson open as well. Video: The play is by no means extraordinary or any different from what the Magic were constantly attempting throughout the game. The difference was the focus and energy resulting in timely, swift rotations in the first half, only to fade in the second half and eventually allow the Q-Rich dagger. Orlando would go up by 7 points with a littler over 2 minutes to go, making it a 3 possession game from which Miami would never recover.