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PreHeat: Celtics (55-24) at Heat (55-24)

Home Away
Miami Boston
Heat Celtics
55-24 Record 55-24
(3rd) 111.6 Off Rtg 106.6 (19th)
(5th) 103.8 Def Rtg 100.2 (2nd)
(20th) 91.1 Pace 90.3 (23rd)
(8th) 102.2 Pts/G 92.6 (23rd)
(8th) 95.1 Opp Pts/G 90.8 (1st)
(9th) 42.2 Rebs/G 38.8 (29th)
(27th) 19.9 Assists/G 23.6 (3rd)
Likely Starters
Mike Bibby PG Rajon Rondo
Dwyane Wade SG Ray Allen
LeBron James SF Paul Pierce
Chris Bosh PF Kevin Garnett
Erick Dampier C Nenad Krstic
Mike Miller 6th Glen "Baby" Davis
Matchup Series 0-3
American Airlines Arena
3:30 PM EST
ABC / Sun Sports / 1080 AM
Injury Report:
Heat: Udonis Haslem (left foot surgery - out indefinitely)
Celtics: Von Wafer (calf - day to day)
Shaquille O’neal (calf - day to day)

Game Notes:

  • Everyone is widely aware of the ultimate significance in today's game. A win for Miami puts them ahead of the Celtics in the East and nets the possibility of the 2nd seed pending a complementing finish from the Celtics over the last 2 games. The Heat have the Hawks and Raptors as the remaining foes while Boston will finish against the Wizards and Knicks.
  • Of note: the Lakers currently have an identical record to the Heat. If the two teams met in the finals, Miami would hold home court advantage with a better or equal season record (Miami swept series 2-0, giving them the tiebreaker).

On a different topic, the 2nd episode of The LeBrons has been released. Titled "Stay on the Court", it conveys a simple message of virtue: to become the best, focus and avoid all distractions, namely, the opposite sex. Or at least that's what I could deduce from it, although James mentions in the preview: "There's nothing more important than staying true to who you are".

Once again, the script is void of much in the way of creative writing or humor led by a brew of characters and their hormonal endearments. The camera zoom of a character’s voluptuous thighs and hips as she sits is most peculiar (awkward, being a cartoon and all), as is the description of the Chinese exchange student as a hot anime character. The highlight goes to Business, voiced by LeBron James, calling me on his cell at the 5:38 mark.

Although not award-winning by any means, the message to the youth demographic is clear and kindly intended. That it’s titled "Stay on the Court" is incredibly ironic as producing cartoons while advertising brands could be considered a distraction from the game. It’s all for business and America’s youth, says James -- and the aptly named characters remind us.

Here come the stay on the court, off the cartoon jokes…