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Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers; 1st Round Playoff Schedule

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Here is the schedule for the Heat's first round playoff series with Philadelphia.

Game 1 Sixers @ Heat: Saturday April 16th - 3:30pm ABC

Game 2 Sixers @ Heat: Monday April 18th- 7:00pm Sun Sports/TNT

Game 3 Heat @ Sixers: Thursday April 21st- 8:00pm Sun Sports/TNT

Game 4 Heat @ Sixers: Sunday April 24th- 1:00pm ABC

*Game 5 Sixers @ Heat: Wednesday April 27th- TBD

*Game 6 Heat @ Sixers: Friday April 29th- TBD

*Game 7 Sixers @ Heat: Sunday May 1st- TBD

*If Necessary