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Joyful Heat defeat young Wolves 111-92

The Miami Heat paid a visit to old friend and ex-teammate Michael Beasley and the young Timberwolves in Minnesota. It was all smiles for the group, taking advantage of the Wolves' youth and putting on a highlight show reminiscent of All-Star and Dream Team games. The Wolves fought hard while the Heat were entertaining their offensive skills, the vast difference in talent and experience too vast to keep them close. Kevin Love was once again held under double digit in rebounds as Miami outdid the league's best rebounding team 46-31. The Big Three combined for 83 points, Bibby continued his inmersion in the poing guard role with 7 assists to go along with James' 10 and the Heat used a defensive lockdown of the Wolves in the 3rd quarter, not allowing a bucket until 7 minutes into the 2nd half, to put the Wolves away 111-92.

Bibby…You, Complete Me

Consider it done. As if there was any doubt prior, Mike Bibby has proven the ultimate complement to the Big Three. Not only in what he does but on how he does it as well. Perpetual speed may not be his forte, but Mike is endlessly confident in his shot and fearless to drive into the paint after a pump fake. All that Mike Miller was expected to do, at the PG spot regarded to once be "weak". Highlight of the game goes to Bibby for his halfcourt-call-saving dive in the 1st quarter.

Flash is Back

Earlier this season, Dwyane Wade was vocal (does Twitter count?) about dropping his Flash nickname as he has evolved and grown since its conception. Tonight, the entire team brought it back. Not only was the team rapid in their attack but every sequence seemed infused with extra pizzazz, no look passes, spin moves, gratuitous dribbling and a bounty of confident teamwork. The best saw a refreshing pick-and-roll-and-oop between James and Dampier. The worst was a botched alley-oop attempt from a James halfcourt pass to Wade who attempted to toss it again in mid-air catch. Unfortunately Miami only plays Minnesota twice in any given season, eye candy such as tonight’s will be in short supply.

Game Notes:

  • Tonight’s victory and the Celtics’ loss to the Hawks has boosted the Miami Heat to 2nd place in the Eastern Conference.
  • An unintentional comedic sequence late in the 4th as James took his And-1 free throw coming off a timeout, the Wolves squad unaware and believing there was one more to come. The ball landed in Bosh’s hands, who confused at the stillness around him just held the ball. James grabbed it and dunked ferociously, unimpeded. Only the Timberwolves.
  • Dexter Pittman is alive! Dexter made his NBA debut tonight, getting 2 minutes of playing time. He was featured in the post twice, missing his 1st shot and committing an offensive foul in the second. It’s a long ways still for the big fella, but you can see how his size can do some damage with the right development and training.