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New and improved Hot Hot Hoops joins Bloguin

It’s been a long time coming but a change has finally come to Hot Hot Hoops.

We’ve been an independent blog since the beginning of the 2010-11 regular season but the site needed an extreme makeover plus more exposure and our move to the Bloguin sports network have allowed us to do just that.

We’ve expanded the entire site and now have dedicated pages for videos, podcasts and our archives - so all your favorite posts going all the way back to our ESPN TrueHoop days are at your disposal.

In addition we’re officially adding newcomer Danny Martinez to the Hot Hot Hoops writing team as well as Diego Quezada from "Leaving It All On The Court", the original Heat blog on the Bloguin network. I’m very excited to have them join our original team of Matthew Bunch, Raul Takahashi and myself. I know you will enjoy their quality work as I have.

Thanks to Ben, Dave, Derek, Stephen, Michael, Jeff and the rest of the Bloguin team for their assistance in our transition over to their network roster. Make sure to click at the very top and create a Bloguin account so you can easily leave comments from now on as well as to navigate to the other fine blogs covering all your favorite sports.

Special thanks to MarcPaperScissor for the fantastic illustration of the Big 3 that graces our new banner. The artwork had caught my eye months ago at Art Basel and instantly knew it would be perfect for our site. Please take a moment to visit his site where you can even purchase the poster of the original piece.

If you’re new to the site, welcome aboard. If you’ve been here before, then thanks for coming back. We look forward continuing to cover the NBA’s most fascinating team for your enjoyment.