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About Raul Takahashi

Raul would like you to know straight off the bat that his name is product of a Japanese and Mexican ancestry, to avoid the ongoing inquiries on the oddity of his name. He’s resided across the planet, hopping around the Americas in an array of locations such as Caracas, Mexico City, Monterrey, California, South Texas, but ultimately landing in Miami where he found the love for the game and its home representative, the Miami Heat. He is most interested in the complexity of teamwork, the visual and intrinsic ballet of the five individuals sharing the court, advanced statistics, and the psychology of the most interesting sport in the world.

Recently, his maturing soul found the importance of growing up and relocated him back to Texas where his family tree resides. He’d like to tell you this is the first time he ever refers to himself in the third person, but he’d be lying. He does it all the time.

You can find him on Twitter @Takahoopshi for all things on his personal love affair with the game of basketball. Questions, comments, and criticism can be directed to