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Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics; 2nd Round Playoff Schedule

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After what felt like the longest 5-game series I can remember, it's finally time to look ahead to the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. Waiting for Miami is the Boston Celtics, who took care of the New York Knicks in 4 games and have been waiting around for Miami since last Sunday. Here is the schedule for the Heat-Celtics series, though all of the game times have not yet been announced.

Game 1: Celtics @ Heat, Sunday May 1st- 3:30pm ABC

Game 2: Celtics @ Heat, Tuesday May 3rd- TBD TNT

Game 3: Heat @ Celtics, Saturday May 7th- 8:00pm ABC

Game 4: Heat @ Celtics, Monday May 9th- TBD TNT

*Game 5: Celtics @ Heat, Wednesday May 11th- TBD TNT

*Game 6: Heat @ Celtics, Friday May 13th- TBD ESPN

*Game 7: Celtics @ Heat, Monday May 16th- 8:00pm TNT

*If necessary

TBD- Time to be determined